Side Effects of Diabetes Diabetes Neuropathy

Diabetes can also affect the occurrence of side illnesses such as Diabetes Neuropathy, the narrowing that occurs in the nerves, especially the feet. To avoid this there is a highly recommended product to eliminate the effects of this disease including helping to re-launch the blood vessels due to the viscosity of blood sugar levels which certainly increases the occurrence of a blockage in the blood vessels, especially the heart. Using SoMan products that are proven effective for cardiovascular drugs such as blood vessel-related diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease can help the healing process of diabetic neuropathy disease. Further information can be found at

Specifically for those of you who are experiencing or worried about the effects of diabetes, diabetic neuropathy then you can try Gravistro products to help prevent and heal so that the tingling, pain in the feet and other body parts due to diabetes. Click the picture below for the problem of narrowing of blood vessels. How to prevent diabetes is first to find out what are the causes of diabetes. You can see the references in printed media, electronic media, from colleagues and even you can directly consult your personal physician.