Tips That Must Be Forced To Buy T-shirts

T-shirts make people look fresher and look attractive. T-shirts become wearable clothing in almost any setting, especially casual situations. Not infrequently the use of t-shirts to make people look fresher and look attractive, agree? For you men, how about tips on choosing the right rock and roll shirts for you to use in almost any atmosphere?

1. Determine the size and model
There are usually three sizes of shirts, namely:
a. Regular
This site is made for average male body size, and should not be too overcrowded or oversized.

b. Slim
This shape is more highlight to the shirt that seemed to show the shape of the body. So, when you use this shirt, your muscles will be noticeable but not too tight and tight.

c. Big and tall
This t-shirt applies to men who are 6’2 “tall (or about 188 centimeters).The size of this shirt is suitable for you who have a long backbone and a wider waist.

After determining the size, determine the model. The rules you need to know are as follows:
a. The bottom of the shirt should fall over the waist, but do not get too low.

b. The stitches on the shoulders should not hang under the shoulders.

c. In a normal shirt, the arm should reach half the distance between the shoulder and the elbow.

2. Choosing a color
T-shirt color is your taste, but make sure not make you look silly, yes. You can still choose a cool t-shirt for you. The trick is to weigh the color of the eyes, hair, and skin color, try to take a different color T-shirt from the colors that exist in your body. A few tips on choosing a shirt color if you want to highlight the upper body is a dark color, including black, brown, and dark blue. Meanwhile, if you want to show off something, can choose a lighter color, such as red, yellow, or orange. However, do not hesitate to try to blend colors and ask the opinion of the nearest person whether you are fit or not. That way, gradually you can polish your taste cheerfully choosing shirts.