Consider these before you buy tile GPS

Losing your car key or your phone during the busy hour is frustrating. Of all time, your important items must hide from your sight when you have to go to work or to go to a place quickly. A small incident like this can actually your entire schedule and plan, and it will be so embarrassing to show up with a business partner late just because of your missing keys. That’s why it will be a good idea for you to buy a tracker device which can be attached to your small but important items. We recommend you to buy the Tile GPS, it’s because this brand is one of the most recommended ones online. However, there are things you must consider before you buy it. You can also check tile GPS review to learn more about this product.

It’s good, easy to use, and it emits loud noise as well

The good thing about this tracker is this one very easy to use. Even for the people who are inexperienced with any kind of tracker, they just need to attach the tile GPS on their items, download its app, and then activate it once it’s getting lost somewhere. It emits a very loud noise, which reaches up to 90 decibels. It will be heard clearly even under a thick pile of clothes. The battery lasts long enough, and it works for one full year.

Its range is limited and the battery can’t be recharged

Just like any other trackers, this one isn’t perfect. Some customers have complained that the range of 100 feet makes this tracker not so ideal to track their pets. Aside from that, the battery cannot be charged while you can only buy the replacements directly from the company. This is quite problematic for some people, but most of the buyers are satisfied when it comes down to track the lost small items in their own house.

The verdict

This may not be the perfect GPS tracker, but if you really use it mainly for finding your small items in your house, the device itself will never fail you. Although the battery can’t be recharged, it will enter the hibernation mode if it’s not being activated, and it will only activate once you’ve pressed the button, and then it will “sleep” again for the sake of saving its battery power.